Saying it with Flowers .... what does it really mean?

Saying it with Flowers .... what does it really mean?

October 25, 2018

There is something beautiful in receiving the gift of flowers that goes beyond the beauty of the flower itself. It marks a moment, an event, an emotion. We give flowers to our loved ones, whether that be a parent or lover, a brother or sister. We see flowers as representing a token of our feelings or as the means to acknowledge a special day. They can be given on a birthday, as a token of love or appreciation or simply just as a means of a pick me up, a way of letting someone know you are there for them.

"Sunflowers", Vincent Van Gogh


There are certain flower related artworks that are ingrained into the consciousness of the modern world. One such series of work is 'Sunflowers' by Vincent Van Gogh, which were painted in Paris between 1887-1888. Another is the work of the great American artist, Georgia O' Keeffe. 


"Purple Petunias", Georgia O'Keeffe, 1925


But beyond the ubiquitous bouquet of roses that fly around every Valentines Day, the gifting of flowers has a language. Each bloom containing a special meaning, delivering a unique or subtle message. Or at least certainly to those who are aware of the attributes attached to flowers by those in Victorian England. So what do flowers mean? 


"Tulips", Ivan Pili, Oil on Canvas, 80cm x 60cm, 2018


Ivan Pili, concert musician, composer and visual artist, born in Cagliari in 1976, graduated in civil engineering. From an early age showed his artistic skills in design, distinguishing himself first in kindergarten and then in elementary school. At the end of 2014 he resumed entirely by accident his artistic pictorial path. He has sense developed a distinctive realism in the way he creates his work, with focus on the physical and plays of light.  

To view Ivan's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of Ivan Pili

Tulips and their Meanings

Tulips - All Colours - Love, Fame

Tulip  - Yellow - Hopeless love

Tulips - Red - Declaration of Love

"Pink Orchids", George Darash, Acrylic on Paper, 26cm x 15cm, 2016


George Darash was born in Belarus and graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of the Arts. Upon graduation he began a career in the illustration and graphic design field, whilst painting in his spare time. After several successful solo shows he started to devote his attention to his art. Whilst making this career change, he moved to Toronto Canada, where he became an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists in 2009. In 2010 he opened his second studio in Palm Beach, Florida. Currently his artwork is exhibited in art galleries in US, Canada and Europe.

To view George's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of George Darash

Orchids and their Meanings

Orchids - Bee - Industry

Orchid -  Butterfly (Phalaeonophis) - Gaiety

Orchid - Cattleya - Mature Charms

Orchid - Slipper - Capricious Beauty


"Sunflowers", Vyara Tichkova, Oil on Canvas, 65cm x 81cm, 2018


Vyara Tichkova qualified from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Masters Degree in Scenography. Outside of her work as an artist, Vyara has worked for BMV Bulgaria, a German company, in the creation of illustrations for 2D & 3D animations for cartoon movies. Approaching her work as an artist, it has allowed Vyara to fine tune her skills and evolve further as a painter and artist. As well as having held exhibitions in various countries around Europe, her work can be found in collections in Europe and Asia, 

To view Vyara's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of Vyara Ticchkova

Sunflowers and their Meanings

Sunflowers - Pride, Appreciation, Gratitude


"Blue Peonies", Natalia Baykalova, Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 80cm, 2018


Natalia Baykalova is a Russian Artist and Photographer, born in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. She has been a full time artist and photographer since 2008. Natalia studied has studied art at the renowned College of Surikov in Russia, where she spent five years studying for her B.F.A., which was preceded by two years at the Art School of Surikov. Natalia has been successfully managing her own art studio called "Yasno Yarko" where along with her creative work she also teaches drawing and painting to children. 

To view Natalia's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of Natalia Baykalova

Peonies and their Meanings

Peony - Shame, Bashful

Peony - Pink - Shame, Bashful

Peony - Red - Devotion

"Anemones", Jann Hill, Watercolour on Paper, 57cm x 77cm, 2016


Jann is a Melbourne based artist. After a long corporate career, and many years of being a practising but secret artist, she finally determined a few years back that it was time to follow her heart, overcome her reticence, and focus full-time on her art. She now exhibits in Melbourne and Sydney. Jann works with watercolour, coloured inks and collage.

To view Jann's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of Jann Hill

Anemones and their Meanings

Anemones - Garden - Forsaken


"Pansy", Aoife Herriott Lumen Prints (Limited Edition) 25.4cm x 18cm


Aoife Herriott is from Connemara on the west coast of Ireland. She trained in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales College, Newport and now works freelance as a commercial and wedding photographer. As an escape from the commercial world of photography, Aoife loves to shoot the beautiful landscape of her beloved Connemara. She also experiments with various alternative photographic processes including Lumen print-making, examples of which are on display here.

To view Aoife's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of Aoife Herriott

Pansies and their Meanings

Pansy (Heart's Ease) - Pleasant Thoughts - Think of me

Pansy - Purple - You occupy my thoughts

Pansy - Yellow and Purple Mixed - Forget me not


"Yellow Lillies", Pauleen Micallef, Mixed Media, 30cm x 42cm, 2016


Pauleen Micallef was born in 1951 in the United Kingdom but moved and settled in Malta. She studied Art all through her school years. Her first job was producing copper Murals related to Maltese folklore. She took a short break of about six years to bring up her young family. While painting constantly, she also studied History of Art – attended various workshops with international artists, hailing from United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, South Africa and Poland.

To view Pauleen's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of Pauleen Micallef

Lillies and their Meanings

Lily - Beauty, Elegance, Sweetness

Lily of the Valley - Return of happiness

Lily - Day - Coquetry

Lily - White - Purity - Sweetness


"Camellias", Nicky Shelton, Oil on Canvas, 42cm x 42cm, (Framed), 2016 


Nicky Shelton is an emerging Western Australian Artist. Nicky has embraced the journey of fine art since 2012 after giving away a successful corporate career. Australian birdlife is what ignites her passion to paint in oils, capturing the unique charisma and personality of each feathered subject she gets to know. Nicky Shelton has been quickly recognised as an upcoming talent being the finalist in x3 2017 leading Australian art awards including the Asia Pacific Cliftons Art Prize, Holmes Art Prize for excellence in realistic Australian Birdlife and the biennial Midwest Art Prize.

To view Nicky's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of Nicky Shelton

Camellias and their Meanings

Camellia Japonica - Red - Unpretending excellence

Camellia Japonica - White - Perfected loveliness


"Shades of Fuscia", Jann Hill, Watercolour on Paper, 57cm x 38cm, 2017


Fuschias and their Meanings

Fuchsia - Taste


"Wilting", Vitaliy Mashchenko, Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 40cm, 2016


Vitaliy Mashchenko was born in Ukraine in 1975, the son of a talented copyist artist Victor Mashchenko. Vitaliy got all his painting skills from him and is very grateful for the education and skills that were handed down a generation. As a young artist, he was far from originality and his present style. Looking back his future was probably predetermined, because from an early age he was doing what he loved and it worked out. But he was inexperienced, full of ambitions and yet at the same time full of doubts. So Mashchenko left behind his ambitions in pictorial art and did not paint for many years instead engaged creative side through a career in graphic design.

To view Vitaliy's full collection - The Online Art Gallery of Vitaliy Mashchenko

Wilting ...... finally this is the end point for all flowers given as gifts. The passing of time comes hand in hand with death and decay. A delicate gift given with love fades away to dust over time.

So, in the end flowers deliver a message and build a connection, mark a moment. You can always say it with flowers but can make it last a life time through the gift of a painting.

To view our full floral collection visit - ArtBaazar's Floral Collection


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