A Vast Display of Beauty and Life by Sreya Gupta

A Vast Display of Beauty and Life by Sreya Gupta

September 02, 2019

Sreya Gupta is an Indian Jewellery Designer and Contemporary artist. She expresses her creativity through colourful patterns and textures in her painting and jewellery with interesting concepts connecting audience.

Most of her works are inspired from Nature. She believes in versatility in art and likes to explore different mediums. Her works are a visual treat of colours, textures and designs enhancing the subject. Some of her favourite subject includes birds of rainforest and butterflies.

Sreya at a recent exhibition featuring her work


What initially drew you towards becoming an artist?

The one thing that I was very sure right from my childhood was to be an artist. Nothing can top the joy of painting. I was always attracted to anything creative. I can’t imagine my life without art. There was no second choice; art has always been my top priority.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I tend to change mediums and subjects often but my personal style is the colourful interpretation of the simple things around us. It is a combination of textures, patterns and designs inspired by nature. My works have a vivid colour scheme which instantly catches attention.

"Ethereal Birds in Focus 6", Sreya Gupta, Acrylics on Canvas, 2018


What pushed you in that direction and how can you see your work evolving in the future?

I have participated in several art competitions but a National Scholarship award in 2006 was the perfect reminder of taking the first step in the art field. I continued my training programs in visual art along with my board exams. Now, having my works curated at famous national and international galleries leaves me with great satisfaction of always sticking to what i like the most.

What inspires you in your work, is there a driving factor that draws you to the easel?

Nature. Most of my compositions are inspired from nature. It is a vast display of beauty and life which I try to portray in my works.

Are there particular individuals who have encouraged / inspired you along the way, friends, family, teachers, maybe even other artists?

My family has always encouraged me. They knew right from the beginning that I wanted to pursue art as a profession and not as hobby, it is because of them that I am experiencing the joy of following my dream. My teachers have guided me very well to find my personal style.

"Tropical Treasures 2", Sreya Gupta, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019 


When it comes to creating your work, do you have a preferred medium, certain types of brushes or tools you love to use?

I usually prefer acrylic with flat brushes or mixed medium. For textures I use cotton, bubble wraps, pen and ink.

When it comes to the subject matter of your work, what draws you to those themes?

I find the rain forest extremely beautiful. It is like Nature’s own composition of vivid colors. Since it is the abode of so many colourful creatures, most of the subjects are inspired by the rain forest. It provides the source for detailed bird portraits of macaws, parrots, toucans and horn bills. Also they leave the important message of bird conservation.

Could you describe the process behind your art? How do you get from concept to execution?

Every composition goes through a detailed study of birds and their habitat, followed by small layouts in a pencil sketch. Then I transform them on to the canvas in light layers. I always prepare the background first since it gives a much clearer vision of the whole composition. Lastly, I work on the main subject.

Could you describe your normal day as an artist? Have you set routines and rituals or is a more a case of when the moment is right you work?

I work 10-12 hours (approx) every day. Some days it’s just arranging the composition from layouts and other days is completing the work step by step.

When you work, do you focus on one piece at a time until completion or are you working on multiple pieces at the same time?

Sometimes I work on two pieces, where one of the works has their base prepared whilst another has last moment touch ups. Otherwise it's always one work at a time. If I am not satisfied with my work due to a minor mistake, I will change it even if it’s almost done.

"Tropical Treasures 5", Sreya Gupta, Acrylic on Canvas, 2019 


Which of your artworks are you most proud?

Bird Portraits (the 'Ethereal' and 'Tropical Treasures' series). It has been a tough yet interesting journey to recreate the beautiful creations of nature in my compositions.

What challenges do you feel the 21st century artist has to overcome?

Originality. One who is true to their work can withstand any uncertainties.

What advice would you give to a young aspiring artist currently studying art?

Two things: Focus more on the journey than the goal, and criticism is a part of creativity.

Despite having developed your own distinctive style, is there another style of art that you are immediately drawn towards and admire? Why?

Yes, I do love very intricate detailed designs. When I am not painting I pick up different themes and concepts for jewellery design.

"Gift of Nature 6", Sreya Gupta, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2019 


Many people see artists as storytellers or advocates for a cause, do you believe that it is an artist’s responsibility to shine a light on a particular subject / theme, or do you create purely for the sake of expression your creative nature?

I believe we all understand art differently. To me it is an interesting process of self realisation.

What are you working on at the moment?

Something new with contrast colours. It will either have a monochromatic background or subject.

"Ethereal Birds in Focus" Sreya Gupta, Acrylic on Canvas, 2018 


When is your next exhibition? Is it a solo or group exhibition? Could you tell us a little about the exhibition, when and where it is?

I have something big (large scale works) for an event, mostly nature based work. At The Art Evolution Exhibition at Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata 2019.

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