A Stream of Consciousness with Olga Moskovchenko

A Stream of Consciousness with Olga Moskovchenko

August 13, 2021

Olga Moskovchenko is a Ukrainian artist living in Kiev.

She has studied Art and Etching at the Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Academy and has been been exhibiting my artwork on online art platforms since 2010. Her oil and watercolour paintings are held in private collection in Germany, USA and Switzerland, as well as being featured in various interviews in art blogs on the web.

"My paintings, reflects a soul traveling for centuries in search of silence and beauty and materials. Art a very important for me, that is why I use the best available canvases and oil and acrylic paints - as I believe these mediums to be the best materials in the world for creating strong quality and long lasting artworks."


What initially drew you towards becoming an artist?

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, I thought there was a better world to show with pictures.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, I thought there was a better world to show with pictures.

What pushed you in that direction and how can you see your work evolving in the future?

I see hyper emotional painting in the future.

What inspires you in your work, is there a driving factor that draws you to the easel?



Are there particular individuals who have encouraged / inspired you along the way, friends, family, teachers, maybe even other artists?

Caravaggio inspires me with the sharpness of emotion, Bosch inspires with symbols, Rembrandt with the play of light, Konchalovsky with colour

When it comes to creating your work, do you have a preferred medium, certain types of brushes or tools you love to use?

I prefer synthetic flutes, mastichin, linseed oil as a thinner.

When it comes to the subject matter of your work, what draws you to those themes?

It's people, nature, wildlife and it's our world, our planet in all its diversity, it's a world of beauty!

Could you describe the process behind your art? How do you get from concept to execution?

Meditation, stream of consciousness.


Could you describe your normal day as an artist? Have you set routines and rituals or is a more a case of when the moment is right you work?

I work systematically, in my workshop, I sketch on the way, I think over my work, I often use my photographic material

When you work, do you focus on one piece at a time until completion or are you working on multiple pieces at the same time?

More than one work helps to keep my mind open and my eyes wide.

How has your art evolved to be where it is today?

Years of study in a children's studio, art academy, in a workshop with a master painter

Which of your artworks are you most proud?

Everything is ahead of me!

Is there a fellow artist alive today that you admire? If so, why?

Aidan Salakhova.


If you could travel back in time, is there a particular artistic period / era that you would like to have been involved in?

There's a lot of beauty!

What challenges do you feel the 21st century artist has to overcome?

The need to master new visual mediums

What advice would you give to a young aspiring artist currently studying art?

Work every second, be a bit philosophical

Despite having developed your own distinctive style, is there another style of art that you are immediately drawn towards and admire? Why?

Tamara Lempicka's cubism admires the aestheticism of the industrial revolution.


We have all heard of the unfinished masterpiece, even Da Vinci laboured away at the Mona Lisa for years and years, have you works that are in a continual process of evolution? When working on an artwork do you find it hard to let go? Knowing when enough is enough?

I work quickly and let go quickly, the work has to live its own life.

Many people see artists as storytellers or advocates for a cause, do you believe that it is an artist’s responsibility to shine a light on a particular subject / theme, or do you create purely for the sake of expression your creative nature?

The 21st century artist is a philosopher, he creates his own system of images and vision of the world

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on a triptych, a reinterpretation of traditional feelings.


Have you ever been part of an artistic group / movement? How did your work benefit from that experience?

No. Probably a 21st century artist as a loner, a philosopher.

When is your next exhibition? Is it a solo or group exhibition? Could you tell us a little about the exhibition, when and where it is?

I'm working on a series of large paintings for now. Maybe a group show at the contemporary art center in September 2021

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