An Introduction to Maureen Rocksmoore and her Artwork

An Introduction to Maureen Rocksmoore and her Artwork

November 23, 2017

Maureen Rocksmoore at work in her studio in Glasgow, Scotland

Maureen Rocksmoore is an artist who paints in oil, known for her `Skyscapes` she has her studio in Glasgows` iconic Briggait Building which is home to WASPS. The Scottish Visual Arts Organisation. Born in Scotland in 1967 she originally trained in Interior & Graphic Design and graduated with merit from Glasgow College of Building & Printing in 1989.

After working in Architecure for several years she decided to return to Fine Art whilst pursuing a successful and varied career in Community Art and Education. Although a successful painter, her role within education is vitally important to her . She has developed her own program of therapeutic input & professional art practice and works within units in schools for children with additional support requirements.

Her work as an Arts Specialist in Education has seen her appointed to several Artist in Residency positions in a number of Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Glasgow schools and educational establishments. In this role she has undertaken many important commissions and projects which have been presented to dignitaries and Royalty – In 2012 as part of HM The Queens` Golden Jubilee.

A specialist project for Apple IStore in Glasgow saw an impressive body of work produced and exhibited whilst using new applications. This was a first for Apple in an educational establishment. UK companies who support education facilities including Sainsburys in Scotland own work produced in the last 12 years. She also works in the field of Art Curation in particular Internal Arts for Newbuild NHS sites.   

Maureen has had her work exhibited at The Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburgh, as part of a major project in education. She has been commissioned by Strathclyde University Alumni Association and her work forms part of a private collection in the faculty of education Glasgow. She is a supporter of charities and was a company director for her local Resource Centre for many years promoting art and education.

In 2008 she travelled to St.Petersburg, Russia as part of a Scottish delegation to exhibit and promote cultural links between the two countries. Her work was presented to The House of Friendship in St.Petersburg.

She has many private clients in the UK as well as overseas and her work is held in private collections around the world. She travels extensively to paint and in particular to Tuscany in Italy where she has spent time in residency and exhibiting. She exhibits regularly in Glasgow, Scotland and her work can be viewed in many online galleries.

The Artist - In Her Own Words

"I was originally drawn to being creative as a child, it was natural for me and I spent most of my free time drawing, painting and being creative. As a child, I was fascinated by the sky, the cosmos and all things space related. My style is often described as atmospheric and this resonates with me. I am drawn to painting skyscapes often larger pieces. I am still fascinated by the sky and atmospheric phenomena. I love the Aurora Borealis particularly and my work has evolved from typical summer and winter depictions of big skies to the atmospheric realm of the auroras.

Scottish Aurora - Maureen Rocksmoore

"Scottish Aurora" - Maureen Rocksmore

I travel a lot, mainly to Italy and this brings me new vistas and ideas.  I am inspired every day simply by looking at the changing sky wherever I am.

I work in oil and I love this medium for the ease of application and the benefits, oil is a very forgiving medium. Unlike acrylic for example it is possible to work over a piece but return to the original image if the effects created are not desirable. Often a great piece can be rendered very quickly in the initial stages and I like to work using various glazes over time to create some of my effects.

My best work is always executed very quickly initially in the planning stage then each piece varies in time spent rendering. My favourite works always seem to just `happen`…I usually have an image in mind for a painting but it rarely unfolds to the initial concept  instead evolving until i`m happy with the outcome. I prefer acrylic brushes to natural as they last longer and I also only use a bright brush, a square edged brush. I just prefer it. I use artist quality oils, Winsor & Newton in the main but also Old Holland and Schminke Mussini. I have my favourite colours I simply cannot live without…Naples yellow and Paynes Grey and Flake white.

My first great love in art was J.M.W Turner. I saw ` Rain, steam and speed` and fell in love with the elegance of Turners` style. The movement and atmosphere conveyed in his work is astonishing. I love his use of light particularly. He is an artist I would love to have known as is another great love  of mine - Caravaggio. He is the undoubted master of Chiarascuro. I am influenced by and appreciate all contemporary art however. I also work as a curator and know and socialise with many artists and continue to learn and appreciate many styles by doing so. I love abstract art but don`t often produce work in this vein. I have one painting which I keep in my studio which is abstract in nature and it`s one of my favourites, called Red Light.

"Redlight" - Maureen Rocksmoore

"Red Light" - Maureen Rocksmore

I work as an Arts Specialist in Education and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and encouraging my students in their creativity. It is a very important aspect of my life as an artist and is very rewarding.

Working alone in a studio for many days can become very consuming and it`s important to get out once in a while and see other people/ artists and be inspired. I often work on several paintings at one time and I enjoy the variety of this approach. It`s extremely important to take breaks from ones` work and not become obsessed or overwork a piece. I have learned great patience with my work over many years of practice.

Sometimes I take a break and don`t paint for several weeks at a time. This comes usually after very busy periods. When I was younger this would bother me as I felt I should be painting…But the energy and the flow always returns."

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