Getting to know Lucia Sachlova and her Artwork

Getting to know Lucia Sachlova and her Artwork

January 11, 2018

Lucia Šachlová is a Creative Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Photographer. She was born in Martin, Slovakia in 1981. She studied Art and Art History at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra, Slovakia. Lucia has been living and working in Prague, Czech Republic since 2008.

Slovakian artist, Lucia Sachlova

Her artworks could be described as abstract and modern with her use of creative illustrations to bring her paintings to life. She aims for her artworks to be original and impressive on a visual level, hoping to connect with the viewer through the use of colour palettes which positively impact on the human psyche and emotions.


"Quo Vadis, Europa", Lucia Sachlova, Oil on Canvas,130cm x 80cm, 2017

As a creative artist, Sachlova has found the opportunity to express her ideas and create her own fairy tale world, in which reality enhances fantasy by leading the viewer into another time and space.


The Artist in her Own Words

What initially drew you towards becoming an artist?

I was interested in art since my childhood. I desired a more colourful world. My great-grandfather was a painter and my father told me stories about how he spent a lot of time with him in his atelier. 

How would you describe your own personal style?

Rhythms or repeated patterns of geometric shapes and its inter-space filling with colour fields, expressive and distinctive colours. Animals, geometric shapes but I do not fear also abstract themes, world with a little bit surrealistic elements. Also unattached image of specific event – my own visual record….passing of life / time.


"Mechanical Ballet", Lucia Sachlova, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 63x53cm, 2017


What pushed you in that direction and how can you see your work evolving in the future?

A desire to create my own Magical world. …… In spite of this I don‘t like to go back to what’s already done. I still want to move forward.

What inspires you in your work, is there a driving factor that draws you to the easel?

It’s constant need to create/draw.

Are there particular individuals who have encouraged / inspired you along the way, friends, family, teachers, may be even other artists?

In my case definitely a teacher in basic art-school, later a teacher in university - academic painter Karol Barón, Mr. Kalousek – a gallerist from Prague and also my schoolmate Katka, nowadays Katarina Hvozdarova Daro, also a fellow painter.


"Was Lost in the Amazon Jungle", Lucia Sachlova, Oil on Canvas, 2015


When it comes to creating your work, do you have a preferred medium, certain types of brushes or tools you love to use?

No, I‘m  using different kind of brushes, also scrapers and scrubbers, but in many cases I’m do the finishing with my own hands!

When it comes to the subject matter of your work, what draws you to those themes?

Nature symbolises what goes on beyond us and what we are part of all in one. By silencing, concentrating and by humility we have an opportunity to dive deep into its environment: where was duality, gradually can become unity. For such an intense experience I‘m going through adventurous process of painting on a canvas (also located in nature) until the moment when the border between the painting and my surroundings disappear, until – just for a fragile twinkle of time – my artwork and also me, become a part of nature. Also friendship / interpersonal relationships / passion / understandings as well as hate / evil and it’s context in society is a great inspiration for me.       

Could you describe the process behind your art? How do you get from concept to execution?

I work as a graphic designer, so it often happens that some article from my commercial work inspires me (graphics, pics, building, colour, book, music, theatre….) I make a note and step by step I create a first draft of how the future painting will look ….but sometimes it ends up looking totally different on canvas.


"Heavyweight Movement", Lucia Sachlova, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 60cm, 2017


Could you describe your normal day as an artist? Have you set routines and rituals or is it more a case of when the moment is right you work?

Sometimes, I wait for the right moment. I need to be in the right place mentally – I read, listen to the music, meditate….and suddenly I can feel the moment…and that’s it. I prefer to paint when I’m alone, better in the evening when it’s calm. I try to finish my paintings in day light….but it’s mostly about the right moment …and I am getting better at feeling when the moment is right : )   

When you work, do you focus on one piece at a time until completion or are you working on multiple pieces at the same time?

Sometimes I’m satisfied with how the paintwork has started and I don’t want to vitiate the artwork with premature brush stroke. At that moment I’m working on another piece and will get back to finishing the paintwork later.  

How has your art evolved to be where it is today?

It has become a continuous creative process of discovering / using different techniques and it’s various combinations.

Which of your artworks are you most proud off?

Jungle in Amsterdam


"Jungle in Amsterdam", Lucia Sachlova, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 120 x95cm, 2014


Is there a fellow artist alive today that you admire? If so, why?

Michael Rittstein, an expressive figural artist, a strong personality within the Czech art scene. I like his choice of themes and extravagant colours.

If you could travel back in time, is there a particular artistic period / era that you would like to have been involved in?

Surrealism, Expresionism, POP ART,

What challenges do you feel the 21st century artist has to overcome?

These days artists probably has more problems as well as more options. Everything evolves: technology, science also types of art….these days there are more artists, more (healthy) competition, deeper information hunger, stress, concerns of our fast lifestyles. So the biggest challenge would be to find quite and peace in your work.  

What advice would you give to a young aspiring artist currently studying art?

Diligence, continuously work and sometimes go against current

Despite having developed your own distinctive style, is their another style of art that you are immediately drawn towards and admire? Why?

Yes, Surrealism – due to omnipotence of dreams / playfulness of thoughts and Cubism – due to flat two-dimensional shapes.


"Proclamation", Lucia Sachlova, Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 83cm x 60cm, 2017


We have all heard of the unfinished masterpiece, even Da Vinci laboured away at the Mona Lisa for years and years, have you works that are in a continual process of evolution? When working on an artwork do you find it hard to let go? Knowing when enough is enough?

Yes, I know that very well. I need to feel the painting is finished. Sometimes it take weeks, sometimes I even totally re-paint it and when "something happened there“ I know it is there and I hope others will also be interested.

Many people see artists as storytellers or advocates for a cause, do you believe that it is an artist’s responsibility to shine a light on a particular subject / theme, or do you create purely for the sake of expression your creative nature?

Yes, I believe it is an artist’s responsibility – they should feel confident putting references in their work, handle any theme. Something addressed for a viewer. Give viewers an opportunity to decrypt a symbol, to feel through an artwork, to give them something like a spiritual dish.

When is your next exhibition? Is it a solo or group exhibition? Could you tell us a little about the exhibition, when and where it is?

I’m preparing group exhibition in Graz (Austria) for summer 2018, which is probably now biggest event. Beside that I’m working on several projects on solo exhibitions which should be exhibited in Europe….but this I’ll keep as a secret now.  

If you are interested in seeing more original artworks by Lucia Sachlova, take the time to view her online gallery at - The Online Art Gallery of Lucia Sachlova 

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